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Welcome to the Anaesthesia Information Page

This is a site dedicated to educating the public about anaesthesia and anaesthetists, answering common questions and dispelling myths. There is a complete index link in the left column and a contents link of the current page beneath the heading. The information outlined here is based on Australian anaesthetic practice but most of it applies to any developed nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people who require an anaesthetic feel reassured when they have the answers to some very important questions. This page looks at the following: Why do I need to fast before an anaesthetic? Why is my history of smoking so important? How does my alcohol intake or drug use affect my anaesthetic? Why do I need a drip? Am I going to die? Will I wake up? Why is my anaesthetic so different this time? Will I be left with long term effects from my anaesthetic? (Click to go here)

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A walk through having an operation

If you are having an operation, this page describes what to expect along the way. It can tell you how you should prepare, what happens at preoperative assessment, what to do if you are on medications or are taking alternative therapies, what happens before, during and after surgery and when you go home. Finally it suggests where to look for more information. (Click to go here)

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What types of anaesthetic are there?

This page describes in broad terms the different forms an anaesthetic can take and explains how each is performed. The topics covered are: general anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia (with information on epidurals) and sedation. It also covers the relative advantages and disadvantages of each. (Click to go here)

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What are all these drips?

This page tries to make sense of drips and other tubes. It explains why they're called drips, the different types of drips, and what to expect from each. It covers intravenous lines, urinary catheters, nasogastric tubes, arterial lines and central lines. (Click to go here)

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Tell me about pain

This page explains what pain is, why we feel it, and if it is harmful. It examines how much pain you will feel after an operation, and for how long, and describes methods of pain relief available, from tablets to injections, epidurals and others. (Click to go here)

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Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding

This page examines the emotional issue of pregnancy and anaesthesia. It provides information on how anaesthesia and surgery affect pregnancy and the unborn baby, an overview of pain during labour and childbirth, what options are available for pain relief, how much is necessary, and the effect of anaesthesia on the breastfeeding mother. (Click to go here)

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What do all these names mean?

This page explains the various names used when talking about anaesthesia and anaesthesia care givers. It provides the meaning of the word anaesthesia, and explains what the names: anaesthetist, anesthesiologist, consultant, specialist, registrar, fellow, resident and intern mean. It's an attempt to explain the hierarchy of the anaesthetic department in Australian public hospitals. (Click to go here)

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All about this site

Contains details about the creation of this site, it's author, limitations and information copyright. (Click to go here)

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First public demonstration of general anaesthesia (Click for larger image)

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